Frequently Asked Questions

What does Points Bank offer me?

Think of Points Bank as your own personal points manager, where you can view all of your frequent flyer points easily in one place. You’ll only ever need a single password to view your reward programs, and when it comes time to redeem your points, our experts can extract the maximum possible benefit for you.

How much does it cost to use Points Bank?

Registering and using Points Bank is free! You can sign up and upload your program details with no limitations. If you choose to redeem your points for travel-related services with Points Bank, our advisors will detail the fees to cover the services. There are no up-front costs or hidden charges.

Which Frequent Flyer Programs can I upload?

You can select from over 100 of the most popular frequent flyer programs. Currently American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United programs are not available through Points Bank.

So do I have to use Points Bank to redeem my points?

No. The choice is entirely yours. Use our experienced services or continue to redeem as you do today.

How do I redeem my points via Points Bank?

You can complete a simple ‘Redeem Points’ request outlining where and when you want to travel, and our Points Bank advisors will contact you within one business day. We’ll provide you with the best possible options for you to choose from, and we’ll even book your travel!

Why would I share programs?

Sharing programs gives you visibility into the programs of people you are eligible to share points with. Eligibility is governed by the terms and conditions of each program. Where permitted it means the points can be pooled or aggregated in order to achieve the redemption ticket you are after.

Do I need to share with Points Bank?

Only if you request us to assist you redeeming points. And even then you can choose how much we see and for how long. In all cases you can immediately stop sharing.

How secure is my information?

Your security while using Points Bank is very important to us, and we’ve taken all reasonable measures to make sure your personal details are kept safe at all times. All pages that require you to enter your personal information on our site are secure, using 128 bit SSL encryption.

To check that the page you are viewing is secure, look for a padlock icon within your browser.

And we cannot see your information unless you specifically give us permission. This is only necessary when you use our redemption services. Importantly we can never see your passwords and PIN’s.

I notice none of your examples to buy points include economy class?

Correct. In our experience this is not a good use of your money. OK to buy some to top-up a program to achieve the necessary economy class award ticket, but not to buy an economy ticket outright.

If you’d like to learn more about Points Bank, you can give us a call on 1800 154 033.

Why do some of my reward programs display as Errored?

The main reason for an errored program is your user name and/or password is incorrect, so Points Bank is unable to validate the account with the provider. First ensure you can log into the provider site directly and that you can see your balance. Next click on the edit link in Points Bank for that Reward Program and re-enter your user name and password/pin for that account. Points Bank will re-attempt to validate the account, this will display as Queued. Once Points Bank validates your account your balance will be displayed. If Points Bank is still unable to validate and displays as errored again please contact us.

The other reason could be that the provider has introduced a visual captcha display on their log in page, although Points Bank will still retrieve your points balances, Points Bank is unable to provide auto login into this site. However, please contact us if no balances are displayed.

Why can’t I log into my reward program automatically using the login link?

On some reward programs the auto login will only work using Google Chrome desktop web browser. You will be prompted to download a once off Points Bank Chrome desktop extension. Once this is downloaded you will be able to login using Points Bank single sign on.

Image of Pointsbank Extension

Image of Pointsbank Extension Install

If you are running Chrome in Incognito mode you will need to tick Allow in incognito.

Image of Pointsbank Extension in Incognito

Please contact us if you cannot use auto login on some programs using Chrome browser.

Whenever an upgrade of this extension is released, you will need to re-enable this within your Chrome browser. Click on the ! icon at the top right hand corner to re-enable.

Image of Menu

Image of Permissions Dialog

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